gt arcade cabinet in black finish
white gt coffee table with blue buttons
black coffee table arcade machine
side view of white gt coffee table
gt coffee table arcade machine in black
white gt500 coffee table arcade machine
gt coffee table cabinet side view in black
white gt coffee table arcade cabinet with blue buttons
white gt coffee table with 500 retro games

GT2500 Coffee Table Arcade Machine

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If you need any help choosing your arcade cabinet please feel free to email us at or call us on +44 (0) 207 935 9005 as we will be more than happy to help. 

The GT2500 Coffee Table is a fantastic arcade cabinet with can play over 2500 of the greatest classic arcade games. With access to all of the best retro titles, you can play fan favourites such as Pac-Man®, Space Invaders®, Street Fighter 2 CE®, Mortal Kombat®, Asteroids®, Donkey Kong®, Defender®, Galaxian®, Metal Slug®, TMNT®, NBA JAM®, X-Men® to name just a few.

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Arcade Machine Type: Coffee Table Arcade Machine
Number of Games: Over 2500 Classic Arcade Games
Games Type: 80s +90s Arcade Classics
GT Cabinet Dimensions: Height – 45cm/18inches or 48cm/19inches, Width – 90cm/95 inches, Depth – 61cm/24 inches, Weight – 50kg/110 lbs
Additional Features: Full 2-Player Gaming, Over 2500 Classic Arcade Games, 2 x USB Ports to Add More Games, Classic Square 19” MVA Screen, Top Quality Sound System, Unrivalled UK Support.

GT Features:

  • Play over 2500 Classic Arcade Games
  • 2 x USB ports to add 1000s more
  • Full 2-Player Retro Arcade Gaming
  • Arcade Joystick + 8 Buttons per Player
  • Black or White Finish with Stylish Chrome Trim
  • 19” 4:3 HD Screen + Arcade PC System
  • Handmade in the UK to Highest Standard
  • Play Vertical Games in Full Screen w/Flip
  • Play Horizontal Games in Split Screen Mode
  • So Simple to Use – Just Plug and Play
  • High Scores Saves Keep Challenge Ongoing
  • Add More Games/Emulators to your System
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Tech Support
  • Free Mainland UK Pallet Delivery Included
  • Full 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

Every GT2500 Coffee Table is built to order in our UK workshop to the highest quality. As a fully customisable arcade cabinet, you can choose between a sleek black or crisp white finish and your preferred height.

Our GT2500 is an extremely well-crafted cabinet that can play over 2500 classic arcade games so is the perfect cabinet for any desired location at a great price.

All the arcade games you could ever want

The GT coffee table can play over 2500 classic arcade games which are all available via the easy-to-use games selection menu.

With access to all of the greatest games, you can play classic titles from Pac-Man® to Street Fighter 2®.

To view the full games list please select the link here.

The best of all arcade worlds

Our GT2500 coffee table cabinets play all the classic vertical arcade games (Pac-Man®, Space Invaders® etc) in full screen mode and will automatically flip to player 2 if possible. 

1942     pac-man arcade     dig-dug retro game     galaxian classic game     donkey king arcade machine

With the GT2500 you can also play the classic horizontal games (Defender®, Street Fighter 2® etc) in split-screen mode so you can also play more modern arcade games on your system. The split-screen mode also allows for full 2-player gaming so you can play with or against your friends and family.

street fighter 2     1944     xmen     metal slug

So easy – switch on, select a fav and you’re away…

Designed as a plug and play machine, the GT2500 has a user friendly system. Just power on, choose your game and press the Player 1 or Player 2 button to begin.

Featuring full 2-player functionality, the GT2500 allows you to play with or against your friends/family.

The GT2500 automatically saves your high scores which will keep the challenge on-going for many years to come.

High quality, reliability and unequalled support

The GT2500 Coffee Table features a classic tabletop arcade design at a lower height to provide the perfect cabinet for your home or office.

Handmade to the highest quality at our UK workshop, the GT2500 has been designed to tolerate the button-bashing of even the most enthusiastic retro arcade gamer!

With a full warranty and unlimited phone/email support, should you ever need any assistance we are always there to help. You can certainly rest assured that the GT2500 will offer many years of fun for everyone who is lucky enough to own one.

Years down memory lane with these superb arcade machines

The GT2500 allows access to 1000s of classic arcade games so that you can replay them at your leisure, providing decades of fun for the whole family.

Both MAME and emulator compatible, you can load your GT2500 Tabletop with even more games at your leisure. It comes preconfigured with 2 easy access USB ports to fully customise your arcade gaming set-up and add your own games/emulators when you wish.

Also now included for FREE is a mini keyboard/mouse pack should you wish to make any settings changes or load any games as well as a Wi-Fi card for support functions and to access many more games. 

    Options and Upgrades

    Standard or Illuminated Buttons?

    With your choice of black, white, red or blue buttons as standard – the GT2500 allows you to fully customise your cabinet.

    If wanting a more unique look for your GT2500 Coffee Table cabinet, you can choose to upgrade to illuminated buttons in red, white or blue.


    arcade buttons                   illuminated arcade buttons

    Custom Graphics for your Arcade?

    With the GT2500 you can completely customise your cabinet by upgrading to custom artwork as you would like best. You can also have graphics on your control panel if this is what you would like. From simple logos to full graphics, anything is possible so please let us know your ideas and we can help you to recreate the arcade cabinet of your dreams.

    GT Coffee Table Basic Graphics = Top + Logo on Sides.

                                                      hostpoint tabletop arcade cabinet with graphics

    GT Table Full Graphics = Top, full front/back + control panel sides.


    All GT machines are backed by a 12-month back-to-base warranty with parts/labour included as free with this system. With all GT arcade machines you get unlimited phone/email support so you can be confident that you will always get help if required. Over 95% of enquiries can be arranged on the phone by either talking you through or remotely accessing your system with your permission. You are paying for the hardware and associated work, all access to games is provided as free. Some games may require internet connection.


    Delivery is usually within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation although this can often be sped up or extended to accommodate your plans so please don’t hesitate to ask. With pallet delivery, we advise you to have at least 2 able-bodied people at the delivery point to unpack and position the cabinet at your location. Overseas or 2-man delivery options are available for an extra charge so please get in touch for a quote if required.