Apex Play arcade machine in white oak veneer with front right profile
Apex Play arcade machine with Lidl Trolley Dash decals front left profile
Apex Play arcade machine in black front view
Apex Play arcade machine in black and white front right profile
Apex arcade machine in black, control panel closeup
Apex Play arcade machine in light oak veneer front right profile
Apex Play arcade machine in black front right profile
Apex Play arcade machine in black control panel closeup
Apex Play arcade machine marquee closeup
Apex Play arcade machine in black front left profile
Apex Play arcade machine in black front left profile
Apex Play arcade machine in black front right profile
Apex Play arcade machine with Ethos Technology decals front right profile

Apex Play Arcade Machine

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The Bespoke Arcades Apex Play is the classic version of the Apex series - designed to only play games this amazing arcade machine comes with over 10,000 classics for instant retro gaming... 

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Arcade Machine Type: Standup, 20" screen
Number Of Games: Access to over 10,000 arcade and retro classics
Games Type: Mixed, Add your own Arcade Games and Emulators
Apex Dimensions: Width - 56 cm/22 inches, Height - 165 cm/65 inches, Depth - 64 cm/25 inches, Weight - 80 kg/176 lbs
Additional Features: Great Adjustable Sound, USB port, Full 2PL gaming

Apex Play Features:
  • Large 20" Hi-Definition TFT Monitor
  • Gaming System with over 800 Retro Arcade Games
  • Beautiful Design with Black and Chrome Finish (or your choice of any other)
  • Black Leather-Coated Panel with Chrome On/Off Switch
  • Full Marquee with Apex Graphic (or your choice of others)
  • Reinforced Glass Arcade Screen
  • Happ Black Buttons and Joystick (or choice of other options)
  • BA Arcade Illuminated Fan Cooling System
  • BA Game Selection Menu
  • Excellent 2.1 Subwoofer Sound System with Adjustable Volume
  • Unlimited First Rate Client Support
  • Full 12 Months (1st 3 months on site) Parts/Labour Warranty

Upon arrival of a new Apex arcade machine in a owner's games room, first impressions never disappoint. The precise focus on each element of the construction and good looks with leave you breathless. An Apex Play not only arrives with over 10,000 of the best games- it is also fully compliant with all emulators on the Windows platform. You will never tire from perhaps the most worthwhile purchase ever made.

The iconic classics which made the 80's and 90's which defined arcade games as we know it are all here for you to play. Any games which you choose to be added can be integrated into our easy to use menu with ease.

All the ground-breaking legends are here. Games which moulded the future of the genre for years to come can be yours to play on one great-looking arcade machine. Get hypnotised by the relentless waves of aliens in Space Invaders, fight side by side with a friend in the 1985 classic Gauntlet, Or perhaps you want to test your flying skills in Asteroids. They're all available for you to play.


asteroids retro game      centipede arcade game     gauntlet retro arcade              

tempest retro game     pac-man arcade     space invaders classic arcade game

Are you ready to get reacquainted with the favourite pastime of your youth? There are too many time-honoured gems of yesteryear which can be installed each machine. From the triple-headed prehistoric world of Dragon Spirit, to the insane difficulty of Commando- they are all here.

                                                          retro arcade game selection

A number of vintage one on one fighting games arrive with your Apex Play, including the lesser known Pit Fighter. Take the guise of Kato the Black-Belt, Buzz the wrestler or Ty the kickboxer and play the first game to use blue-screened actors. There was a sequel panned, but it never saw the light of day.

                                                            classic games

The Early 90's bought a new resurgence within the arcade fraternity thanks to the arrival of Streetfighter II. The antics of Ryu, Ken and co started a new worldwide phenomenon which is still enduring to this day. The original roster of 8 characters are all household names and the game's updates and revisions are all still ongoing.

altered beast arcade     gladiator arcade game     Golden Axe Retro Game     

Legend of Kage Arcade Game     Streets of Rage Classic Game     

Also included are a memorable wealth of quintessential titles which are immense fun to play with your family. Introduce your children to Sega's feisty blue-haired mascot in Sonic the Hedgehog. Or emit rainbows in the sequel to Bubble Bobble- Rainbow Islands. There are numerous puzzle solving games to improve logic skills.

bubble bobble arcade game    rainbow islands retro game     plotting retro arcade game     

sonic the hedgehog arcade     cameltry retro game     bubble symphony retro game

The Apex Play is a modern twist on the original coin-operated classic arcade machines of the past, but unlike the originals which played only one game the Apex Play is a multi-game arcade machine.

Over 800 games since just one isn't enough...

The arcade machines comes with a selection over of 800 of the best and most wanted classic arcade games including the enemy munching Pac Man, the alien invading Space Invaders and the space shooter Galaxian.

pac-man arcade     space invaders retro arcade     galaxian retro game

So simple to use, just plug and play...

This arcade machine cannot be easier to use, its designed to be plug and play for ease of use. Just press the power button and before you know it you'll be straight into the games menu where you can select the game you would like to play. So whether it's Defender, Missile Command, Metro Cross or any one of the amazing retro arcade games included in your machine your just a few button pushes away.
Just a blast from the past...

  missile commander arcade game     metro cross retro game

You can relive your retro memories by playing some of your favourite classic arcade games, all in one amazing multi-game arcade machine. Whether it be a battle against a friend is Street Fighter 2 or trying to set a new high score in Space Invaders, you can do that all in our machine in the way it was meant to be. And for that returning challenge the Apex Play saves all high scores!

Quality without compromise...

Our Apex Play is built using only the highest quality parts and with a hand-polished finish at our UK workshop, resulting in the Apex Play looking simply stunning. And to top it off we test all our machines for at least 72 hours before delivery, so that you don't get any nasty surprises.

High Definition for those moments you don't want to miss...

All our Apex multi-play arcade machines come as standard with a large 20" High Definition screen which entertains you with unrivalled visual quality. Imagine seeing your favourite game on a crisp clear screen and thats the Apex Play. The arcade cabinet also comes with a superb 2.1 sound system which brings you the crisp quality arcade gaming sounds in tandem with a heavy bassline so you won't miss any of the arcade sounds you've been longing to hear again.

Comfortable gaming coupled with the true arcade feel...

The machine also comes with a large spacious 2-player control panel for providing the utmost comfort while you enjoy your gaming experience. With a variety of options including Happ/Sanwa or Suzo joysticks, a variety of coloured buttons or even illuminated buttons to choose from your spoilt for choice with this machine.

Entertains pretty much everywhere...

The Apex Play will provide hours and hours of enjoyment and entertainment whether it be in your home, business or venue.

You will be happy to hear that the Apex Play arcade machine for sale from us is very easy to use - it loads directly into the game selection menu which makes everything as simple for you as possible. All in all, the Apex Play is an extremely well-designed arcade games machine that is highly playable and extremely user friendly.

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    All the Bespoke Arcades products come with a full 12 month warranty, with the first 3 months on site in the unlikely event that a problem develops. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new arcade machine for many years to come.

    Every GT machine is backed by a 12 month back-to-base warranty with parts and labour included. All games are included as free with this system. Any coin mechanism provided is to be used at the customer's discretion.


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