Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in white front right profile
Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in black front right profile
Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in black front profile
Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in black front left profile
Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in white front left profile
Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine in white front profile

Synergy Play Coffee Table Arcade Cabinet

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The Bespoke Arcades Synergy Play coffee table arcade machine has been designed to only play games, like the classic machines but with over 10,000 of the best to choose from...

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Arcade Machine Type: Sitdown / Coffee table, 20" screen
Number Of Games: Access to Over 10,000 Classic Arcade and Console Games
Games Type: Mixed - Add your own Arcade Games and Emulators
Synergy Dimensions - Width - 90 cm/35 inches, Height - 69 cm/27 inches, Depth - 68 cm/27 inches, Weight - 75 kg/165 lbs
Additional Features: USB port, Adjustable Volume,

Synergy Play Features:

  •     Large 20" Hi-Definition TFT Monitor
  •     Gaming System with over 800 Retro Arcade Games
  •     Beautiful Design with Black and Chrome Finish (or your choice of any other)
  •     Black Leather-Coated Panel with Chrome On/Off Switch
  •     Full 2-player end-end and side-by-side Arcade Gameplay
  •     Reinforced Glass Arcade Screen
  •     Happ Black Buttons and Joystick (or choice of other options)
  •     BA Arcade Illuminated Fan Cooling System
  •     BA Game Selection Menu
  •     Excellent 2.1 Subwoofer Sound System with Adjustable Volume
  •     Unlimited First Rate Client Support
  •     Full 12 Months Parts/Labour Warranty with 1st 3 months on site

As soon as your Synergy Play is unwrapped, you can instantly see the build quality is without compromise. The finish is silky smooth hand buffed to a degree only matched by high-end furniture.

The Synergy Play's beauty is only matched by the versatility of this arcade machine. It's one try aim is to deliver home arcade machine which seamlessly integrated into any home or work environment and will provide hours upon hours of terrific arcade gameplay for the years to come.

All the absolute must-have classics are supplied with your machine. The video games which made the cocktail arcade table an iconic classic of the '80s are here. Except all the games you remember from the arcade are all here in one superb package.

asteroids arcade     cenipede classic game    gauntlet classic game

pac-man arcade     space invaders arcade     tempest arcade

Take the role of Super Joe in the run n gun classic shooter Commando. This is one example of the plethora of shoot-em-ups which arrive with your Synergy Play. We also supply Gunsmoke (no relation to the TV series) which is in a similar vein aside form a few gamely differences (only 3 way shooting as opposed to 8 and it's auto scrolling. These are 2 classics which are fiendishly difficult, yet a joy to play. Just take a look at some of the other shoot em up's provided.   

                                                                                                                                                                                         classic arcade games

Perhaps you're in to moved for some digitised violence with the likes of Midway's 1990 title Pit- Fighter. This games started the trend for recording blue screen actors in games and reached a highpoint with the Mortal Kombat series as well as the popular NBA Jam games. Glance at the games below and start practising your moves! 

classic fighting games

If side-scrolling beat em ups were your passion, then why not take the role of a resurrected roman centurion in Sega's Altered Beast. Also included is the classic Rastan- a romp through another mythical land. If you feel like being a ninja- then have a play at Legend of Kage- where you're on a mission to save Princess Kiri from evil-doers Yoshi and Yuki.

altered beast retro game     gladiator arcade game     golden axe retro game

legend of kage arcade game    rastan classic game     streets of rage arcade

There are also a wealth of games which are great fun to play with all the family. The colourful graphics and simplistic play are sure to keep the kids engaged and enthralled. Also included is the Megadrive classic Sonic the hedgehog- Sega's 1991 mascot which kickstarted the 16 bit era and started a generation's of gamers love for the spiky blue dude. You can always add a usb Megadrive retrobox adapter for that extra element of authenticity.

bubble bobble arcade     bubble symphony arcade     plotting classic game

sonic the hedgehog retro game     cameltry arcade     rainbow islands

It's only the start!

The arcade machines comes with a selection over 10,000 of the best and most wanted classic arcade games including the enemy munching Pac Man, the alien invading  Space Invaders and the space shooter Galaxian.

pac-man arcade game     space invaders retro game     galaxian arcade game

Intuitive and Elegant Menu

A few seconds after your arcade machine is activates, you are greeted with an easy to use menu which will act as your road map to the best games of your generation's youth. Getting to your game is an effortless experience with all options accessible via the 1 player set of controls. All games and any you may add in the future can be categorised into the game's appropriate genre, year and game type.

defender arcade game     missile command retro game     metro cross classic game

Just a blast from the past...

Any 80's or 90's arcade game you wanted to play in the comfort of your own home is accesible via your Synergy Play arcade machine. A USB port allows you to get into the core of the arcade machine and add more games at your discretion. A Synergy Play is as flexible as Atari's Centipede with a multitude of Windows emulators to add.

Quality without compromise...

The workmanship invested in each arcade machine is second to one. All woodworking is done in the United Kingdom and every machine is tailor-made to all requirements. We welcome anyone to visit our showroom to see the build quality for themselves.

High Definition for those moments you don't want to miss...

Like all modern arcade machines,Synergy cabinets feature modern LCD technology. With the advent of flatscreens brings added build quality and longevity. The Synergy's display can also be viewed from 180 degrees, ensuring crystal clear colours with no distortion due to your viewing angle. All graphics are faithfully upscaled, providing the perfect balance between modern technology and arcade authenticity.

Comfortable gaming coupled with the true arcade feel...

Your Synergy Play coffee table arcade machines feature genuine arcade controls currently in use commercially. All Bespoke Arcades machines use certified parts from Happ/Suzo as well as Japanese components from Sanwa Denshi. Either control panels feature enough room to play comfortably for sustained periods of time and can be customised to suit all tastes and requirements.

Entertains pretty much everywhere...

A Synergy Play is the centerpiece of any gathering  or games room. Its versatility is only matched by its beauty, coupled with the discreet look- A Synergy never looks out of place in any decor. The meticulous attention to detail and timeless design makes the Synergy Play stand apart from the competiton.

Please contact us should you have any questions about this product, are looking to buy arcade machines from us or would like to make an appointment to test one of our great arcade game machines out for yourself. For more information on the arcade machine click here.

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All the Bespoke Arcades products come with a full 12 month warranty, with the first 3 months on site in the unlikely event that a problem develops. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new arcade machine for many years to come.

Every GT machine is backed by a 12 month back-to-base warranty with parts and labour included. All games are included as free with this system. Any coin mechanism provided is to be used at the customer's discretion.


Delivery is usually within 4-6 weeks from order. These machines are currently on promo. With pallet delivery, we advise to have at least 2 able-bodied people to unpack and position cabinet at your location when receiving delivery. Overseas or 2-man delivery is available for an additional charge.